Blackwell Grange

16th Century Thatch Barn

Blackwell Grange is a very unique venue in the Warwickshire Countryside. The village of Blackwell is just 20 minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon and from us at Two Towers Media. 


Now what makes Blackwell Grange unique? Well its the fact you are really getting two venues for the price of one. First you have the 16th Century Thatch Barn where your ceremony will be held. With its stunning high ceilings, beams and beautiful fireplace. This barn is one of the best that we have seen, lots of light and space so everyone can enjoy the ceremony.

The long aisle that the Thatch Barn has means we can get that lovely shot of the bride walking down, seeing your guests reactions as well as the groom and with plenty of space there is more than enough room for both videography and photographer to get those beautiful shots without getting in the way. Couple of nice touches is that there is a mirror at the end of the aisle so as you leave as a newly married couple you can see yourself together and there is a little private room at the end (this also has a private entrance where the bride comes in before the ceremony) you can have 5 minutes alone while your guests go outside ready to throw confetti over you. 

Private Unique Warwickshire Wedding Venue

Orchard Barn & Moon Door

So the second building the Orchard Barn is where you will have your main reception, wedding breakfast and evening reception. This is great to have a separate building for all this as its all set up and ready before everyone arrives. No having to move out while they turn the room around its there ready. There is a bar downstair and a little snug upstairs for tea and coffee but also offers a view across the room so you can have a little quiet time.

Blackwell Grange also has some stunning outside space as well, with beautiful kept gardens, a little pond and lots of farm land surrounding them. Offering lots of space for your guests to enjoy the British summer but also lots of chances to get some stunning photos. If you are lucky that it rains on your wedding day (they say its lucky and your marriage will last if it rains) then there is plenty of space for your guests and photos using all the inside space of both venues.


This was the second venue we visited when we first started filming weddings and its still one of my favourite and not because its only 20 minutes away from where I live but there is so much choice of what we can do. I have been here twice now and booked for a third visit in December 2020 and no wedding is there same here. To have the venue to yourself is amazing to really relax and enjoy yourself. And as the newly weds you are lucky that there is onsite accommodation for you.


So here is a video looking at Darren and Grace's wedding at Blackwell Grange in August 2019 to give you an idea of how stunning Blackwell Grange is on a wedding day.

Perfect Summer Wedding Venue

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