UK Wedding Lockdown

So the UK has been in lockdown for 4 weeks now, all weddings have been postponed. We have had 4 of our couples who's weddings have been affected. As sad as it is that they can’t have their wedding day or the day they have chosen, they have been lucky that they have managed to get a new date and we are still apart of it.

Lockdown has not been too bad for us. As most people know that I only do this part time. I work at a local university as a technical demonstrator that is currently closed so I have been working from home the last 3 weeks. 

Now I should be in the start of the new wedding season but because of Covid-19 we aren’t. Now it’s been since December when we last filmed a wedding and I am itching to get started. I have been looking at some of my favourite weddings from last year and using my new Loupedeck control surface to practice ready for the new year, which I really hope it will be June. I am so excitedfor this next wedding as it’s at Twycross Zoo and anyone that knows me I love a zoo! I always go to zoos to take photos which I enjoy as a hobby, haven’t had the courage to have a go at wedding photography. 

All I can say to our couples coming up is stay positive, things will start to return to normal and you will have your wedding. 

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