The Preparation

The preparation of the day is the beginning of all the excitement. Nerves start to show but it’s all part of the build up of years of planning. 

It’s always great fun watching the group starting to enjoy themselves and crack open a bottle of bubbles and start the celebrations. For the bride it’s all about getting ready the hair, make up and having a good time with her bridesmaids either at the venue or at their house. 

For the groom it’s similar but normally it’s about once they arrive at the venue, they meet the best man grab a pint and relax. But it’s always nice just to seem them just doing the last few bits like sorting the tie out, adjusting their cuff links and doing their hair. Sometimes we have even captured the best man doing the finishing touches. 

This stage is not for everyone, some couples don’t want this filmed, they are happy to do it from when their guest arrive but it’s always nice to have the option. Its always nice to be apart of the excitement of the day specially going from the bride to the groom and getting to the tell the story of them both getting ready.

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