What we do on the wedding day. Part 3

So we continue with what we get up to on the wedding day for a silver package. 


Once we have finished with the couple and got everything we need and they wanted, we then go back to the guest and start capturing moments there. Sometimes there are lawn games, magicians, sweet carts some we hang around them. We try and capture as much of this as its something the couple wanted to have as part of their day so we make sure it's in their video. Once we have got plenty of that we move into the room to get all the table layouts and decorations, plus if its ready the cake. 


The next part is getting the guest coming into the breakfast room sitting down, opening their favours chatting and saying hello to the others on the table. Always looks nice to see people mingling before the bride and groom come in. Now depend on how loud the person is announcing the newly weds into the room dictates if I use the audio from them or not, but I do try to as much as I can as its nice to hear everyone cheer as they walk in. The game is to guess where they are going to walk to then get in the best spot to capture them but even if we get it wrong, we always get them as they first enter the room just sometimes we shoot through heads to see them walking to their seats. 


At this point we leave as we never film people eating. The rule is as soon as the food comes out we leave. Most of the time speeches are after the breakfast but some people do it before to get it out of the way as they are nervous and want to enjoy their food. But for this one the speeches are after food so its time for us to have a break and something to eat as well. This is not just a bit of down time for us, its a chance to start backing up for the footage from the day so far and give any batteries a chance to charge, plus give anything that needs it a quick clean. Dust gets everywhere.


Now its time for the speeches and this is quite easy to set up, all the speakers get a till recorder attached to their waist coats or in there jacket pocket and if there is a microphone from the venue I attach on to that too. Once they are all recording I will move to a spot where I am not in the way of anyone (unless there is really no space but that doesn't happen often). I then have a second camera either next to me or against a wall at the back to offer that second angle to get good wide shot of the speeches so that then I can get the speaker or the couples reactions. Thats it on the set up now its just go through the speeches getting a mixture of different shots as and when they happen.


After the speeches this is the quietest part of the day, the room is being turned around ready for the evening. Everyone is full and just wanting to rest and sit down. Sometimes if its a really nice night we might go out for some more photos specially if the weather has been rubbish and wet during the day. Other than that not much happens now until the evening guests arrive ready for cutting the cake.


The cutting of the cake tends to be the start of the evening celebrations to get everyone to gather together to see the happy couple cut their cake, 2019 I saw a lot of these "naked cake" with the sponge exposed. All looks amazing, maybe in another blog I will show you my wedding cake! Again like with most of the photos I let the photographer lead as I need the action rather than the pose, so a good kiss and then cut the cake. I do try and get the couple to feed each other a small bit as that does look nice to see the smiles but doesn't always happen as they have just eaten a three course dinner but it looks good when they do. 


 Normally after the cake it leads straight on to the first dance the final big event of the day. This always looks great on camera and even had it where the photographer has said you lead this it’s more for film that it is stills. We always film the whole dance ideally with two cameras if we have the space, trying to get nice smooth movements with just the couple and no one in the background. Its just a really nice intermit moment for the couple and tents to be the final shot of the video with them having a kiss. 


Once the couple invite everyone onto the dance floor we start to get a bit closer so we really capture the atmosphere of everyone having a good time dancing away. We are on the dance floor too trying to capture as much as we can of everyone. It does get tight but its worth it to get the shots, we also go a get some footage of any entertainment going on like photo booths, bands, sweet carts etc everything the couple have spent time sourcing so we always try and include them within the video. 


Thats it for the day, we tent to leave about half an hour after the first dance as that's the sort of time people start to relax for the evening. We always make sure we say goodbye to the bride and groom before we leave just to thank them for letting us be apart of the day and congratulate them.



It's a long day but every single one that I have done has been so much fun and I look forward to all the 2020 weddings coming up. I hope this 3 part blog gives you an idea of what we get up to on the wedding day and for those who are unsure about having a videographer will see that we don't bring a lot of kit and we let things naturally happen and that you will hardly notice we are there.  



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