Where have we been in 2019

2019 was our biggest year to date, with 15 weddings across the UK. As we are based in Worcestershire we stay around the Midlands area but we do travel if we are asked too.


We started the year with an amazing venue, Clearwell Castle. Now this was one to tick off my videographer bucket list. What a stunning venue to begin the year with, its long ceremony room with the longest aisle that I have seen to its beautiful grounds and lake. Clearwell Castle had everything to offer plus the weather was amazing as well and I get to say that I have filmed at a castle!


Next we were back in the midlands at the Holiday Inn in Leamington Spa not for a wedding this time but a vow renewal. 25 years Clare and Paul had been together and they wanted to relive their wedding day and have a video made as they didn't last time. Also this is where we met Alex from AJT Images, a fantastic photographer where we both had a great time working together.


On to Sketchley Grange Hotel and Spa in Hinckley, Leicestershire. This couple were friends of Alisha and Ashley from 2018 who recommended us, shows the world of mouth still as strong as ever. Sketchley had lovely grounds and again on a beautiful spring day the sun was out in force, to spend some time in the lovely grounds. Specially by the willow tree to shoot through to get that nice depth in the image.


This next wedding Rachel only booked me 7 days before the wedding. This shows it's never too late to get a videographer to come and film your wedding. So we started the day at St Mary's Church in Hatton and then on to Umberslade Adventure. When I saw it on the website it was WOW seeing the bluebell fields and the woodlands I knew we could do a lot there and to top it off, Alex from AJT Images was the photographer again. It was so beautiful shooting there with all the flowers in bloom, the sun being in just the right spot and a highlight of the year for me with Simon getting on the zip line and having a go during the photoshoot. So much fun!


Now Warwick House, what a beautiful venue hidden away in Southam, Warwickshire. I have been here 3 times in 2019, one time I was there on the Friday and back again the following Wednesday. This venue is great because you get the full run of the place and it has 16 rooms for some of your guest to stay in. It has a lovely garden and the license to have and out door ceremony if the weather is good enough. 


This year saw us go all the way to Wyberton in Lincolnshire the furthest we have ever travelled for a wedding. Now this is a part of the UK I have never been to before. So a very early start that day leaving my home at 6:30am, it would take us 3 hours to get to Wyberton. Once there we filmed the preparation at Sophie's house then on to St Leodegar's Church and finally to the sports and social club to continue the celebrations. 


Back to my local area for my next wedding, in the little Gloucestershire village of Didbrook. St George's Church was the venue for the ceremony, what a lovely church it was. Lots of light and space to get some lovely shots plus a surprise visit from Henry the chicken. Then it was on to Toddington Village hall for the reception and barn dance. What fun it was and some spectacular views of the Gloucestershire countryside and also the cows came over for the photoshoot.  


Another new part of the UK I haven't been before was Shirland, Derbyshire. Now being August you think that the sun would be out shining, but no it was chucking it down. Now this was the first time in 18 months I had experienced rain on a wedding day (lucky I know) I was trying to get the shots in the rain running from tree to tree for cover. We were at St Leonard's Church, this church was great as there was lots of space to move around get some nice shots without getting in the way of everyone. The rain still hammering down it was on to Lumb Farm for the reception and lucky enough the rain stopped for a few minutes so we could get all the group shots and confetti done with they lovely Derbyshire countryside back drop.


Blackwell Grange was where I shot my second ever wedding and what a stunning place it is. What I love about this place and I image most videographers and photographers would agree with me, is the fact that they have 2 buildings, one for the ceremony and another for the reception. So when you get there both are being set up so you can get all the nice establishing shots before anyone gets there. And like Warwick House you get the place to yourself which is always nice, plus with all the lovely outside space and the new horses it is just stunning.


Bank House Hotel and Spa in Worcester. What an entrance this place has it looks amazing. The grounds here are lovely and the fact that there is a golf course just a short walk away makes it even better with the lakes and tree around making a lovely backdrop and at golden hour looking stunning. Even with it being a hotel you don't feel like there are other people there as you get a huge room for all your guest and a private bar plenty of space to enjoy yourself.


Dumbleton Hall is one of my favourites, not because its only 20 minutes from my house but it has everything and one of the best ceremony rooms that I have seen. Its lovely oak panel walls with huge windows letting in lots of light and then double doors at the top of the aisle that they open to reveal the bride, now that shot is one of my favourites to have the groom on the left with the doors opening on the right just looks amazing. 


Curradine Barns is a hidden gem for a Christmas wedding. Another venue that you get the place to yourself with multiple rooms that are already set up making it so easy to get those establishing shots early so that you can focus on the couple more. But rain stopped play for the afternoon but with a clear dry night that wasn't too cold, the photographer and I got out some lights and did the photo shoot in the dark but they looked amazing well worth doing, so don't let the dark put you off going out. I have the lights and we can make it work, plus it fills that time between the breakfast and the evening reception. 


Our final venue of 2019 was Stonehouse Court, this beautiful Manor House with amazing gardens looked amazing in the winter sun. Anyone would of put money on rain at the end of December but no we had beautiful sunshine that looked amazing during the photo session. 


What a year 2019 was for us with a wide range of different venues. 2020 we got just as diverse range coming with lots of new ones that I am very excited about. And returning to others that we love. 


Cant wait to get shooting again in 2020. Lots more blogs to come so stay tuned. 




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